A. Choose the right variant:

1. When is Halloween is celebrated?
a) on the 30th of October

b) on the 31 of November

c) on the 30 of November

d) on the 31 of October

2. Halloween celebrations were started by the …

a)    Celts.

b)    Vikings.

c)    Romans.

d) Christians

3. What do children say when they go door to door asking for sweets?

a)    Trick or treat.

b)    Treat or trick.

c)    Trick or trick.

d)    Treat or treat.

4. A mythological human, that changes into an animal when the moon is full because of magic.

a)        Ogre

b)        Sleepy Hollow

c)        Phantom

d)        Werewolf

5. Merlin was a famous Welsh …

a)        Wizard

b)        Troll

c)        Demon

     d)        Fortune teller

6. A sticky structure used to catch prey.

a) web
b) spider

c) fly

d) bag


7. A haunted house is a house or other building inhabited by…

a)        Unicorns

b)        Fairies

c)        Ghost

d)       Witches

8. Witches cook their magic brews in big:

a)        Pots

b)        Cauldrons

c)        Kettles

d)        Pans

B. Write the answer:

1. It is a pumpkin that has been carved into a scary face. What is it ?

2. Is a set of bones. What is it called ?

3. It is a thing you put over your face to pretend you are someone or something else. What is it called ?

 4. It is a flying mammal. What is it called ?

5. The most famous vampire.

6. The name of doctor Frankenstein butler.

7. A terrifying dream. 

8. A supernaturally reanimated dead body.

C. Write a Halloween congratulation message for your friend (10-30 words). 

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